MORE Tips for Seamlessly Magical Wedding

We’re back for a part 2 to my tips for a memorable wedding day that I have come to accumulate after my experiences with a plethora of weddings! Let’s dive in!

Surround yourself with honest people- No yes men invited! 

Throughout this journey, you’re going to want people who are really on your side; suppliers, bridesmaids, groomsmen, guests and family can end up either healthily contributing or butting in where its unwanted- so make sure the people around you have your best interests to heart. Chances are Aunty Petunia only wants to help and contribute, which will link onto my next point!… For now, it’s important to make sure your voices are heard as the couple and that you’re either to stand up for what you would like, or that someone can be designated to help in that department.

Designate Jobs.

When I was a bridesman at a friend’s wedding, I felt like I needed to help, I didn’t really know many people, and had a role in the big day. I was then able to help lace up the bride’s dress, which I have had experience many times! I also helped gather guests for the group photos and assisted during the couple photos. I felt a sense of relief that I could do something, having a sense of responsibility. 

Chances are people may float around, waiting for some sort of task to complete, I would highly recommend either having a physical list or simply a mental note of what needs doing and who might be best for it, based on their skill set. For example, its great to have the loudest and closest family member or member of your party to coordinate guests for the group photos, the photographer won’t really know anyone, so having a loud and organised guest help will make life so much easier! 

During my on the side management training in an apprenticeship I underwent (glamorous I know!) I learned about a technique called “Rid Yourself of Monkeys” which basically teaches delegating tasks that are hanging around like monkeys on your back. They will build up more and more unless you delegate and share the burden! You will then empower your party by letting them feel a part of your day!

This gorgeous mother of the bride was super happy to slip her heels off, climb onto the brides bed and help me get our dream shot of the dress! Team work makes the dream work!

Ask Questions

More often than not, you can feel a little insecure when meeting vendors, suppliers or anyone involved in working around your day. Because of this, we tend not to think about asking questions or getting to know more about certain topics- wondering if we’ll sound like a fool! 

There’s no need to feel this way as those people are always there to help and support. As a photographer, I am lucky enough to see all of the proceedings of the day, done many times in multiple different ways. Because of this, I love to share that knowledge with my couples and reassure them over certain issues.  

I highly recommend asking questions as you go: “no question is a silly one!”

Have a moment away from the party

Weddings can have so much going on, so many faces to greet, some you know and some you dont and the couple you don’t want to know! As overwhelming as feeling can get, they should never take over or make you feel like you’re rushing through. Thats why if you’re going to take any tip from this blog post, its this one.

I highly recommend either alone, with a couple close guests, or with your photographer, have a moment (or two) away from the main party, if its nice weather then have a nice stroll outside and process everything that’s happened. This will clear your minds and allow you to actually talk together; absorbing all that’s happened on your magical day.

Have a ruddy good time! 

The day truly goes so fast, so I always tell my couples to enjoy every second. You never fully understand just how fast the day will go until you’ve done it- wishing to do it all over again. All the stress and worry just melts away as everything comes together in a nicely knotted ribbon.

Pop the champers and take in everything, it may be the only time you’re able to have so many of yours and your partners loved ones together in one space. So embrace whatever happens, take off those heels if you need to and celebrate love! 

I hope this has helped inspire you towards planning your big day. You are never alone in the planning and coordination! I am always here to help where I can, or just to vent to should you ever need it!

Everything will turn our wonderfully, perhaps it’ll only feel this way at the stroke of midnight, but you’ll soon enough feel that realisation that one chapter has closed, and another beautifully unwritten chapter is just beginning. 

November 27, 2022



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