I started doing photography around 2013, it was the spotty and pubescent phase in my life at school; creating self portraits and making surreal photos with my friends. You would usually find us hidden in some trees or on my favourite hill that to this day I still shoot on! 

Since then, I studied photography at college and fell in love with the business opportunities that could come with my passion.

*I feel like this is a dating profile*




Howdy, I am Tom, a fine art and wedding photographer based in the West Midlands, I specialise in quirky and intimate celebrations. 

I am passionate about each and every couple and client that books with me, so much so that I do a little happy dance when each says yes to their photographer!

My goal with my weddings is to understand my couples and how they see life and all things love! I believe in getting to know my couples on a deeper level; with each of my packages I offer a free 1-1 meeting before the day, and a FREE test shoot. This has worked for me and my past couples in getting comfortable with one another, getting rid of those initial jitters and helps me get the best possible results for you!

I started photography when I was 16, studying at school, then college and since building a business for myself- both selling prints in galleries + my wonderful weddings

My first ever wedding was photographing my sister's wedding to my brother-in-law! 3 kids in and they must have done something right!

My favourite vibes to photograph are dark, storytelling and empowering to those who bear witness.- So if your occasion matches this theme, please let me know!

Lady Gaga is my favourite artist of all time- if you can name 3 non-charting Gaga songs, then we will get on just fine!

I have a mild form of Autism, which allows me to see and feel the world in a different way to others! It’s something I’ve learned to celebrate and educate others on.

Myself and my fiancé are hoping to get ourselves a cat! Now we’ve got our new sofa, we may have to contemplate the reality of such a combination! 

I can eat cake and pasta all day, everyday! (Not at the same time though!!)

Here are some rapid fire factorials that could go in my theoretical speed dating profile if I wasn’t engaged myself! 

Let's get into it shall we?!

My DM’s are always open for a chat, and for enquiries on my updated packages and availability, please get in touch via tomoscarmiles@gmail.com. I can't wait to hear from you soon.

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