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Back in February, I was fortunate enough to be asked by the wonderful Tawry at Park House, Shifnal, to have my very own stall at their wedding fayre! This was to be my first EVER! A dream I had been wishing for since 2018/19.

My first reaction to this wonderful news was to of course say yes! The next was to think about how I was to gather everything I needed together; we are talking pictures, frames, table cloth, packages to give to interested couples, flowers, business cards, flyers and a decent suit to wear!

I spent the whole of February running around to collect these bits like a businessman looking for an investment from Lord Alan Sugar himself! I brought a neutral tablecloth that was a gorge warm brown fabric from a local fabric shop to me *always support local where you can!* I had some of my favourite photos from past weddings and styled shoots printed, some lovely frames and flyers made up to give out when I had lured someone my way!

Making it Happen…

I think there was so much to do simply because it was my first, so EVERYTHING had to be got, tell you what though- you find me a wedding fair and I will be there as quick as the snap of a magicians fingers!

So when the big day, I was fortunate to have everything ready, and my wonderfully supportive fianc√© was on board to help me set up and be my driving partner. Do you ever get that feeling when you arrive somewhere that you have never been before and you are not sure where you enter or who’s going to the same thing as you, or even if you are definitely in the right place? Yeah we had a solid 10 minutes of sitting in the car trying to decide where we should make our move!

Thank goodness we found the wonderful team at Park House to help guide us through to the first gorgeous room where all the fellow suppliers were setting up! The panic started kicking in when there were no more tables available, already mentally deciding how I would make a swift exit, only to find there was a second room! *phew!*

Once we had set up and brought to life the test table I had tested on my dining table, it was a matter of waiting for the herds of nervous families and budding couples to flock in and see all the fellow incredible vendors that shared the space with me. We were running for 4 hours and I don’t think I sat down the entire time; wanting to be up and ready for when someone would walk though (although the bar was just in the next room so I think seeing us aunt a first priority!)

To Conclude:

It was a generally nice paced day- never manic and rushed, just a couple of couples once in a while whom I could give proper 1-1 time to. I met some wonderful couples, all in different stages on wedding planning, as well as incredibly talented vendors: including @hjbgifts21, @purdey_nurse, @heavenlyweddingbelles, @muddypuddlesclasses & @clivecaricatures all on instagram.

Altogether, it was a beautiful bucket list day that I can say I have done, I am in the mind of many vendors and couples who I had never met before which will hopefully begin transforming into work for the future! Each conversation I had with each person became more and more confident and better put together. I put myself out there honestly and the best way I could to represent my business! See you at the next one <3

Follow this link to a recent reel I made about the whole experience:

March 21, 2023



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