Nikkii and Mitch, The Wedding.

I have known this gorgeous couple for quite some time now: meeting Nikkii first when we worked together when I was only a teenager, to meeting Mitch on a styled wedding shoot I had set up with the couple, to help me practise and begin building my portfolio, to days of planning and test shooting, to boost their confidence in front of the camera even more! (They are basically pros at this point, which made taking their photos, a dream!)

The Preparations

This magical wedding day was my first 12 hour day in a very long time! You might think with me saying that, that it is my least favourite of my packages, a long day?.. Actually, its my favourite! There are many reasons why I would sway my couples towards my longer packages (if budget allows)

  • You can have a more relaxed, knowing your photographer has you covered and will be able to capture everything with more ease
  • If you love details like I do, this would be perfect! This was the first wedding in a long time I was able to create flat lays (details like perfumes, rings, sentimental items and letters all layed out nicely to remember them)
  • I can capture those butterfly moments of bridal and groomsman prep.
  • We can have a boogy at the end of the night without my having to dip out mid first dance like that trending video on tiktok I watched of a wedding photographer actually doing that (for the purposes of the tape let me be clear that I will do my absolute best to stay until every important moment is captured on your special day!)

The day started bright and early, April 7th in sunny Telford at my gorgeous couples house, for bridal prep. I got to reunite with Nikkii, her mother and meet the rest of her lovely bridesmaids, and matron of honour. We dove into capturing every little detail I could find on their stunning-ly lit window ledge, with interruptions from their gorge pussy cat, Eddie!

We had makeup & hair happening in the bright conservatory, dress shots in the living room, tea station in the kitchen and groomsman getting ready in the grooms parents house, only down the road- how convenient!

I managed to get prep shots of both parties, even helping pin all the groomsmans boutonnières to their jackets (apparently doing wedding photography gives you multiple skills that end up being handy on the day!)

The morning was such a fun time of being creative and ticking off a list of image ideas I don’t usually get to tick off: a bridesmaid reveal, groomsman getting ready and even the couples pre-wedding packages they’d sent to eachover (how cute!)

Now, speaking of all things details. My stunning bride kindly created packages for all her suppliers that needed them, not only a food package (which was warmly welcomed when my stomach started rumbling around reception time!) But also a pack of all information needed. Im talking:

  • An entire shot list of the day, including all the groups BY NAMES and the details she’d like capturing
  • Locations and addresses
  • Bridal prep times and a rota of each person getting hair and makeup
  • List of impact people BY NAME (this makes all the difference when needed people for photos!)
  • Run time of the day
  • The entire ceremony as the celebrant saw it.

This level of preparation soothes the autistic and creative within me; it means I don’t have to ask things, I can just do my job and do it well! Give me a spreadsheet, binder or list any day of the week and I will be in my element.

From this, I assigned bridesmaid Victoria to be on group shot duty, giving her the list of names to call out and direct so we could efficiently get the groups done, so our lovely guests can get drinks quicker (TIP FOR GROUP SHOTS: Call on a bridesmaid with the loudest and most confident voice to help your photographer do the groups, they will more than likely be keen for a job and they probably know more people so can help make the process a lot more fun!)

The Wedding

The day then ran as smoothly as it could have! No need for the celebrant, Sarah to rush through the service, Begley the flower dude, fully equipped down the aisle with a petal filled fanny pack, water pistols and sunglasses, their dog, Ralph bringing in their rings and constant sun and joy throughout! I *ofcourse* got emotional during the service as I always do and hid behind my camera as best I could (Im a sucker for a wedding and all the emotions!)

The rest of the day went beautifully, we had a confetti walk though with surprise confetti cannons, the easiest groups shots ever, which where surprisingly the most fun part (usually the bit I worry about the most!) And a stunning reception with cookie placers, with guests names AND food order on them- GENIOUS!

I particularly enjoyed the speeches and how it was a real rollercoaster of emotions- from tears and heartfelt moments between mother and bride, to laughter from the groom free-styling whilst waiting for tea and coffee to be served.

So for my favourite part of the day, the portraits! Usually, I try to get a couple throughout the day, and then one nice session just after the reception or just after groups. This wedding, we got THREE portrait sessions! This was heaven on earth for my and videographer, Marta (we’ve both worked together on a wedding in the past, so was so much fun to catch up and work together again!)

Now, some don’t like their photo taken and would prefer few, some couples love this part and want loads of photos, both options are totally ok and are happy with me! Also factors like light, weather and your timeline might affect how many photos we can get. Lucky we had the weather on our side, plus a calm, organised day, where the couple came up to use ready for photos, rather the usual of us having to chase them down from opposite sides of the venue!

The Portraits

This was the first time I have ever been so fortunate to have so much time to revel in creating portraits for one of my couples, creating in multiple styles and aesthetics that will please an aray of people, as well as the first wedding I got to really explore my evolving style and aesthetic, AAANNND my first wedding truly embracing golden hour! A bucket list set I can proudly tick off! I get so excited when it comes to the portraits, as I can really take my couples away from the crowds and give them some time for themselves to be together and have fun; catching up on their thoughts.

I love to pride myself on being an intimate wedding photographer, capturing those small details and moments together.

The Evening

The evening sway was nothing short of colourful and fun, i’m talking a station to leave thank you messages, wonderful staff at the bar to make drinks, giant glow sticks for a rave, give the bouquet to the couple who’s been together the longest (I think the winners had been together over 50 years!) And the best music!

It was so much fun to capture true joy and people up and dancing; the glow sticks definitely helped encourage people onto the floor and made for some great vibrant photos.

How can I wrap up on Nikkii and Mitch’s wedding day? I will say that it was a day of learning, of pure fun and some beautiful photos that I hope will sit proudly on my couples and families mantle pieces, and Facebook profile pages, as well as my portfolio! I got to meet and work with incredible suppliers and re-unite with Marta on video, plus my couple who are always such a joy to be around. Thank you for entrusting me to capture your magical day; for allowing me to get creative and scream with excitement when I was so excited with the photos.


Photographer: Thomas Miles Weddings

Videographer: Blossom Weddings Films

Venue: Tern Hill Hall

Venue Dresser: Uplit Event Hire

Celebrant: Ceremonies with Personality

Hair: Occasions hair by Zona 

Makeup: Hannah’s Beauty

Brides Dress: Muse Bridal Newport

Suits: Peter Posh Telford 

Rings: 77 diamonds & H Samuel 

Cake: Topsy Turvy Cakes

Florist: Rosie in the Garden

Musician: Annie Mai Music

Evening Entertainment: Mk Family Entertainment

April 17, 2023



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