Tips for a Seamlessly Magical Wedding day. (part 1)

The big day can seem so daunting; booking everybody, inviting all your loved ones (and some un-loved ones just to be nice!) and trying to enjoy each moment throughout. 

I have been on very nearly every side of a wedding, from being a guest, to a bridesman, to a photographer to many beautiful ceremonies and even nearly a gatecrasher to a wedding- a story or another time!

Bu through my many experiences at weddings, I have come to learn so many valuable lessons that I hope to pass onto future wonderful couples who choose to book with me, to make that big day, less scary and surreal feeling, I hope this list can reassure you that you’re not alone in your worries- that I am always a helping hand; full of optimistically sparkling pixie dust of encouragement! Let’s get into this list! 

Prepare for the worst, hope for the best! 

This is a phrase I have coined over the years, one that resonates with me wherever I can find relativity. More often than not, we plan something with such detail that we feel disappointed that it doesn’t go to plan! Learn quickly that the big day never goes perfectly to plan, it sounds depressing I KNOW! But it is also so freeing knowing that perfection is not always attainable.

In my line of work, I use the artist tagline of “Inspiring Empowerment by Embracing Vulnerabilities through fragile art.” Meaning that I want to celebrate what isn’t perfect, loving the imperfections that may come in life. This can apply to your wedding day too! Love the dice you are rolled, the day will still be just as magical- if not more! 

Don’t stress over the small things

My mother always tells the story of when my sister got married and how she had endless discussions over paying more for a light up dancefloor instead of a normal dancefloor, my mom helped my sister see that those things don’t always matter, especially when you talk about added costs. Right now, it all seems super exciting and infinitely open to whatever you can throw at it, but 6 years later- do you think we look back at the dancefloor she had?… HECK NO! 

We look back and think about the fact that we bore witness to their marriage, that loved once both here and passed came together for one day and how we danced our butts off all night, on whatever floor it was! 

My point is that its not worth stressing over what shade of purple the table chair covers will be or whatever it may be you’re thinking about- there’s always something! Because thats unneeded pressure that wont actually impact your guests or your excitement about actually getting married, pick what feels right, keep true to your budget and don’t be swayed by anyone else’s opinions, or a pinterest board that may be unattainable.

Your big day isn’t defined by the big decisions, its the little choices that make you flutter with joy!

Make the wedding personal to you

Similar to what was previously mentioned, pinterest boards and other research are great for gathering ideas, but more often than not, we get caught up in being just like something- like a giant spider web entangling us, captured! (Sorry if you have a spider fear) 

I have been caught up in this metaphorical web before and it’s a killer to get out of, I learned that by understanding yourself and knowing WHY you like certain things specifically means that you can unlock a personal resonance and tailor each supplier and detail to what means the most to you too! 

Little touches like homemade table decorations, your mothers wedding dress, marrying somewhere that means a lot, maybe the theme of the day is based on your favourite film you love watching together on those cold, wet sundays! Whatever it is, make sure it really brings you joy and feels true to you.

My wondeful couple decided to exchange gifts during the evening reception! It was a beautifully emotional part of the day that I still think about to this day.

Pick Suppliers that you looooove and trust! 

We want to do well by you- so if you’re excited about us, chances are we will be gleeful to be a part of your day in return- like school kids getting their pocket money to buy their favourite sweet! 

It is the best feeling in the world when you get those wonderful couples who want you to be a part of their day. For me, it’s knowing that a couple has taken the time to look at my work, connected with my message and want to bring me into their world- it’s like winning the lottery! 

Make sure you pick suppliers who match your vision, they’re in your budget and seem as enthusiastic as yours are! Also make sure you consider feeding anyone who is there on the day, you’ll be surprised how many couples don’t consider this, or let us know if it won’t be feasible and we can always bring a packet of pom bears and a mars bar to keep us going!

When you’re shooting a wedding and stumble across a cake made by your sister! @lucycorbett123 over on instagram. <3

Stay tuned for part 2!

November 23, 2022



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